Roman Emperors

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Roman Emperors

~Expanded the Roman Rebulic through a series of battles across Europe~Ceasar uses his power to relieve a lot of problams in the Roman Republic and Empire~People did not like that Ceasar tried to make himself the master of Rome and a dictator.


46-44B.C- Julius Caesar31 B.C- 14 A.D - Augustus14-37 A.D- Tiberius121-180 - Marcus Aurelius98-117 A.D - Trajan54-68 A.D- Nero

~Rome's first emperor that promised to restore peace and security~Romans thought he was trying to create a dynasty (absoulte ruler)


~ Expanded the Roman Empire even more~ Made set official rules~ Some of his rules are still used today ~"his expansion of the Roman Empire made it a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic melting pot that is still relevant today"


~During his reign he lowered taxes and allowed slaves to make complaints to their owners ~There was a great terror over Rome~Nero became the public enemy, meaning that anyone could kill him without punishment

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Julius Caesar

Roman Emperors

Top 10 Roman Empires


~ "HIs political inablily, poor judgement and jealousy led Rome into a dark age of political purges, murder and terror" ~ Tiberius could not lead the Romans very well so when he was faced with his first batttle he sent his nephew Germanicus to fight and he led the Romans to victory.

Marcus Aurelius

~ During his rule there was a lot of war and disease~Returing soldiers were bringing back a disease that was wiping out the population of Rome~ Aurelius ruled with his brother Versus~They both raised money to fight invaders


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