Roman Coins and Currency

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Roman Coins and Currency

Diffefent types of Roman Coins

Roman CurrencyBy Stephen F.

Roman Coins and Currency

More About Roman CoinsOne common coin was the Denarius, which was made of silverAnother common coin made of silver was the AntoninianusThe amount of pure silver in these coins rapidly decreasedThe Antoninianus was worth two denarii, even though it did not have twice as much silver (this was good for the government)Another coin called an Aureus was worth 25 denarii, but it was made of gold, not silver

- The Romans had many different types of coins - Their coins were made of bronze, silver, and gold, and sometimes other metals - On the coins were often pictures of emperors or gods - The Romans started minting coins sometime around 280 - 260 BC - Before coins they could only use barter to trade - They also started to use bronze lumps called Aes Rude (meaning "raw bronze") for trade before coins

Facts of Roman Coins

A coin with a portrait of Julius Caesar on it

Pictures of how fast silver content decreased in the Antoninianus


Some other types of Roman Coins:


One type of coin called the "aes signatum" was a large bronze bar The aes signatum was later replaced by other lighter coins

Rome did not have any "paper money"; they only had coins There were over 40 mints throughout the empire that created coins


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