[2015] Molly Lukacsko: Roman Clothing

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[2015] Molly Lukacsko: Roman Clothing

-Was specifically meant as a public display garment-Only actual citizens were allowed to wear togas-Purpose was to indicant peaceful endeavors- Large cumbersome robe like garment of white wool and uses up to 9 yards of material-All were not the same and each distinictive type could mark a Roman's societal status or title

Types:Toga VirilisToga PullaToga PraetextaToga Picta

Roman Clothing

-Was a short woolen under arment with short sleeves-Only worn by plebes, freedmen and slaves-Also worn by many people within the comforts of their home-similar to the toga, distinct tunics were worn to signify one's title-patrician men's tunic was made from white wool or expensive linen

-Magistrates wore the tunic augusticlavia, and senators wore a tunic with broad strip called the tunic laticalvia-A belt would also be worn around the waist of the tunica to hold the waist of the garment snug, giving the impression of a two piece garment

-Woman wore tunica in much the same fashion as men-2 types both adopted from Greek fashion-More common tunic was similar to Greek chilton-Married woman were required to wear loose, toga equivalent, stola





-boys wore a tunic down to their knees; white, with a crimson border (once citizen, wore an all-white tunic)-girls wore a simple tunic with a belt at the waist; when they went outside, they wore a tunic that went all the way down to their knees -wore an amulet called the bulla-boys usually wore it until manhood, around the age of sixteen, where they would put it aside and saved carefully-girls would wear it until they married, where they would but ot away with all her other childhood things


-Rules for shoes weren't as strict as for cloth-Shoes and sandals were amde in varying materials and colors, depending on social stautes-leather was by far the most common material and could easily be dyed to reflect position such as red shoes for patriciansTypescalecussolease









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