Roman Circus Maximus

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Roman Circus Maximus

Roman Circus MaximusThe Circus Maximus is a racing, fighting, sporting event area that is like a giant track. Most sporting event held there were to honor a god or for a religious ceremonys. The Roman Circus was the largest stadium in Rome. Most of the popular chariot races were held in the Circus. At one point the Circus could seat up to about 200,000 people one fourth of Rome's population. Many fires broke out at the Circus. After a fire destroyed the Stadium which was made out of wood, Trajan rebuilt the stadium out of marbel and stone. The stone stadium was three stories high. The lower part was the seating area which was made of marble. In 359 BC permanet wooden stall's were built to hold and then launch a charriot pulled by 4 horses. In each charriot were two men. The stall's were painted, gated, and equally staggered to keep the distances the same. The last race in the Circus Maximus was in 549 AD, almost a millennium after the first races were held. Today only the layout and grass area is all that is left of the Circus Maximus.


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Circus Maximus

Circus Maximus


Roman Circus Maximus

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