Roman Britain

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Roman Britain

In 55 BC Julius Caesar invaded Britain with two legions

Roman Britain

He fought several battles against the local Celtic tribes before being forced to return in Gail (France).

It was the first of the three attempts by Rome to subdue Britain.

The Roman invasion had a very important influence on the local Germanic languages; this explains how a significant portion of the English vocabulary comes from latin and Romance languages.

The Roman conquest of Britain determined the transition from a primordial, tribal society to a more evolved and complex form of social organization. During the Roman domination the first great cities were founded and the first roads and forts were built. Cities as Manchester, Winchester, Lancaster own their names to the Romans.

In AD 122 the Romans built a defensive structure, Handrian's Wall, to protect Roman Britain from the local tribes. It was 80 Roman miles (117.5 km ) long.


In 54 BC he returned with a larger army, and eventually in AD 43 Emperor Claudius conquered Britain. Even after this date, it took many years to the Romans to gain control of Britain, as many tribes continued to fight against Roman rule. The Roman invasion of Britain was a gradual process. The Roman presence on the territory ended in AD 410, because the Roman legions were involved in the defence of other territories and had to leave.

A reconstruction of Roman Manchester

The Romans were constantly making moves to extend the Roman Empire and push the boundaries of the land under Roman control. Having conquered Gaul, the Romans turned their attention to the tribes living in Britain. Britain was also full of natural resources, and the Romans believed that it would be of great benefit to the Empire if the island could be successfully invaded.


Why is the Roman invasion important?


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