Roman Art and Architecture

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Roman Art and Architecture

ArchesRomans used arches for a rounder top on buildings and more things like the top of door ways. Arches crossed over each other created a dome shape (called a vault) which was used on the famous temple, the Pantheon.

FurnitureRoman furniture was made out of marble and metal. Little was made out of wood unlike now. Most Roman chairs did not have backs to them and were often made of bronze. Beds were luxurious with fancy bed frames and matresses filled with wool or feathers. Tables were usually made of metal and wood, but mostly marble. Romans spent a lot of money on tables because of the marble, since they often ate outside.

StatuesEven though the Romans took after the Greeks, some things, like statues, were different. Roman statues were more realistic that Greek statues. They often included un attractive features like warts, and wrinkles. On the other hand Greek statues were meant to be perfect. They excluded imperfections.

Roman Art and Architecture

Here is a picture of the famous Pantheon. As you can see, it has a vault as a ceiling.

Here is an example of a Roman statue.

Above is a picture of a Roman bed. Notice the detailed bed frame?

TemplesThe Romans copied the Greek architecture very closely so the temples looked alike. It was however different because Greek temples were put in open spaces that made the temple seen from all sides but in Rome, the temples were constructed in areas surrounded by tall buildings.

ColumnsThe Romans had five types of columns. They adapted three from the Greeks, and created two. From the Greeks, they took Ionic, Doric, and Corinthian columns. They made the Tuscan and Composite columns. The Tuscan, and Doric are more plain than the others.

These are the Roman columns. From left to right, the types are Composite, Corinthian, Ionic, Doric, and Tuscan.

MaterialsMost sculptures, buildings, and huge structures are made out of concrete. It is made of volcanic ash, lime, and water. Concrete is stronger than other materials like marble. Concrete was relied on to hold up big buildings and sculptures since it was the sturdiest.

Facts1.) Roman beds often had back boards and foot boards.2.)Temples were risen from the ground to look more impressive.3.) Rows of columns are called a peristyle.4.)Famous painters like Michael Angelo adopted the ideas of the ancient Romans.

Above is a concrete building in Rome.


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