Roman Art and Architecture

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Roman Art and Architecture

Roman Art and Architecture

Roman Frescoes

Gem Cameo

Roman art was influenced by Greek art, so it is usually called Greco-Roman art. The Romans were skilled at making realistic statues and creating them life-sized. Romans also created a form of mural painting called frescoes. These often showed three-dimensional scenes. The Romans developed the art of gem cutting and metal working. A famous art form of gem cutting was cameo. A cameo is a gem that shows a person's portrait or a scene. They also created highly decorative bottles of blown glass. All of this types of art brought a sense or luxury, style, and richness to the everyday life of Romans.

Roman Art

Roman architect builders learned from the Greeks, Etrucans, and others. They used the vault which is an arched structure used to hold up the top part of a building. They also used the dome which is a hemisphere-shaped roof. They were the first to make concrete to build bigger arches. They used broken stone and sand and water to produce it. They created the Pantheon, public baths, stadiums, and temples.A Roman invention that was highly copied was the triumphal arch. This is a huge monument that is built to mark victories or achievements.The Roman architecture has influenced us today in the design of many buildings.

Roman Architecture

- The Romans were sponsors of art and so they paid thousands of people to create their work.-Roman art was rediscovered during the Renaissance. -A famous artist who revived it, was Michelangelo.

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Today we still build vaults and dome to make our buildings fancy or vintage. We also continue to build triumphal archs to mark victories or great achievement.Many buildings such as the Arch of Triumph in Paris, France, The Capitol Building and the Home of US Congress both in Washington DC are examples of modern Roman designs.Also many modern building such as banks, chuches, and government buildings have Roman designs.

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Arc of Triumph