Roman Army

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Roman Army

Ancient Roman Army

OrganizationThe Roman army was divided up into groups of 5400 men called legions lead by a legate usually a Senator or Governor. The legion is divided into ten sections called cohorts, those are divided further in sections of 80 men called centuries lead by a centurion. There were about one million men in the Roman army!

Height of PowerAt the height of it's power the Roman empire stretched from England, down to the north African coast, over to the Middle East, and across to Spain.

Topic question: How did ancient Rome's army contribute to their sucess?

Weapons The Roman soldiers had three main weapons that they would use in battle, the first was the Hasta; a javelin-like spear that they would throw at the enemy to disrupt their defence. After they had used their Hasta they would pull out their Gladius; a sharp sword for hand-to-hand combat. If they had lost their Gladius the soldiers would pull out their pugio; a small dagger in case all else failed.

How the Army ContributedThe army contributed to ancient Romes' sucess because they overtook most of ancient Europe therefore expanding their own economy and wealth.



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