Roman Architecture

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Roman Architecture

The Romans are the reason that we have arches and stadiums. The amphitheatres today are copied by the Roman who built the Colosseum. Much like we build today with concrete, they made the pantheon using concrete to support the weight of the dome. When concrete was prepared it had a thick consistency, which is why they laid it instead of pouring it like modern concrete. Concret was common because it was cheaper then solid stone.

-They used concrete for filler material, but stopeed when they realized it could support great weight-The credit for buildings was given to who ever paid for the building, rather then the architects who came up with the ideas -Most Architects were not known, unless they were hired directly by the emperor.

Roman Architecture

How Archetecture infuences today

Fun Facts

Important places

This is the Temple of Jupiter, which was the first all marable building.

This is the Coliseum, where gladdiator fights were held for entertainment.

This is the Pantheon, where people would go to worship Gods.

This is the oculus, which structurally kept the Pantheon's dome from falling.

This is a picture of an aqueduct system. Aqueducts can have single, double, or triple tiers of arches, which gave it support to carry fresh water to urban areas.


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