[2013] Kathryn Ambrose (8A): Roman Architecture

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[2013] Kathryn Ambrose (8A): Roman Architecture

Kathryn Ambrose 8A

Corinthian Capital

Buildings with interior and exterior Roman architecture were built all over Rome. Arenas, public baths, public forums are just a few of the building examples

Roman archicture was a new form of architecture made During Roman Republic. Roman architecture originated with an Estrucian-Italian base with an adaption of Greek classical styling.

This is a very famous Estrucian art work that sits upright with no horse called "Statuette of a Rider" This shows that they must have known anatomy to correctly make this work of art that the Romans admired.

The Pantheon- C.A. 128The Panthon originated at a roman temple, then it changed into a Catholic church. The building has a dome roof with an oculus at the top as its only sorce of natural light

The Pantheon

Early Roman Corithian Capitols were attatched on collums to support buildings and tended to be shorter and squared with ancanthus leaves and bigger flowers on the abacus

Temple of Jupiter 509 C.E.The Temple of Jupiter is an estrucian based temple that had been dedicated to Roman gods.

c. 3 BCE- c. 340 CE

Roman Architecture

Temple of Jupiter

Decorative Estrucian art was greatly admired by the Greeks which was an honor concidering how architectually amazing the Greeks were. Romans learned from the decorative Estrucian art and put it into their architecture

As Rome was growing larger and larger, architects were pushed to design and build at an extremely fast pace.




Statuette Of A Rider

Roman arcitecture is known for...ArchesDomesAqueductsAmphitheatersThemaes (public baths)

Romans carved pictures of famous people, battle scenes, and impressive art into the sides of Rome's stone buildings, using details taught by the Estrucians


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