Roller Coaster Lab

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Roller Coaster Lab

Video RubricPart 1 - 20%1st Shot - Establish Context with a wide shot.2nd Shot - Introduction 1. Team Name 2. # of Tracks 3. Length of Each Track 4. Times for Each Track 5. Avg. Speed for each TrackPart 2 - 70%1st Shot - Track #2nd Shot - Video - Start to Finish no edits.3rd Shot - Video - Start to Finish lots of edits and close up.Repeat for Each TrackPart 3 - 10%Closing Establishing shot of Team members with Track.Entire Video must have music - preferrably Public Domain.Part 4 - 20%Wildcard - What can you do to make your video stand out and different? Yes you can make a 120% on this project, it is simply up to you to figure out what it takes to do that.

Daily ParticipationA daily participation grade is simply a reflection of your effort. Every time I have to ask you to get to work you lose another 10% off that day's grade. All you have to do is participate. If you are done, then you should be helping another team complete their project. You will see your daily participation grade at the end of each class day.

Roller Coaster Lab

Organization of Groups

The goals of this lab:1. Understand Kinetic vs. Potential energy management.2. Collaborative Learning - Both Vertical and Horizontal3. Have fun with marble roller coasters.4. Document your work with Videos.

Topics of Interest: How video and photos are becoming standards of proof. How people can use video to falsify their data. Real or Fake

Past Examples

The Plan:You have 2 1/2 weeks to build, test, shoot, edit and upload your project to my laptop. Your table will be shared between multiple classes, so you must not only communicate with the members in this class, but also your members in the other classes as well. Each class will shoot their own video and run their own tests. You are invited to work after school and during lunch. Your final work will be viewed by the class.

Terminology and Ideas

Norms and Procedures



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