Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

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 Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

The journey doesn't end until whites and blacks join together to fight for blacks' equal rights. There's no reason for mistreatment due to race!

Roll of Thunder Hear My CryBy: Mildred Taylor

This book is great to read with middle schoolers and beyond! It shows the brutal truth of unfairness in the history of our country. We learn what was wrong back then and hopefully won't repeat it in the future. We want our students to feel empathy and to know that they need to stand up for what is right. Judging people by their outer-appearance and mistreating others is injust. This is the perfect book to portray that message.

"I'm a Southerner, born and bred, but that doesn't mean I approve of all that goes on here, and there are a lot of other white people who feel the same."

During the time of slavery, blacks had to sneak to get soap.

Done by: Alisha Olive


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