Roll Call Johnny Cash

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Roll Call Johnny Cash

Roll Call was released in 1967 and is not very well know. It's a very short song as it is. It is beleived to be about his friend B.J Carnahan who he met at an airbase in Landsberg, Germany.

This is a country song by the famous Johnny Cash himself. I dont think the genre has any affect on the message as this song is talking about the ones who died in the war and it could be sung in rap, jazz, and other genres.

Roll Callby Johnny Cash

This song just sings about a captian taking roll call and having none of his soldiers anwer as they were all dead. This song promotes sadness I would think beacause you relise that all these soldiers have died in the war.

I think that the only connection that this song has to recent events is the war that the soldiers are fighting in the Midlle East. Had I been alive then, I think I would of joined one of the many peace rallies that were going on. I would of not wanted to see my family and friends go off tp fight in the war, as the number of american troop kept increaseing.


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