Roles of African Americans during American Revolution

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Roles of African Americans during American Revolution


Margaret Yates

Role Of African Americans In The American Revolution

Enslaved African Americans fought for the British because they promised the enslaved freedom. Though the British were eager to gain blacks for enlistment, and the rebels were not. Had George Washington been less un decided, more african americans might have participated on the patriot side than with the Loyalists.In 1777 George Washington formally allowed free blacks to enlist because there was a fear of rebellion from the slaves.

In 1770 about one-fifth of the popululation in the thirteen colonies were African Americans, and almost 95% of them were slaves. Many African Americans fought in the revolutionary war on both the colonists sides and on Great Britains side. During the American Revolution about 100,000 blacks escaped, died, or were killed in the revolution.


Timeline Of The American Revolution

1775 1776 1777 1778 1779 1780 1781 1782 1783l___l___l___l___l___l___l___l___l

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The American Revolution also effected the enslaved African Americans. At the very end of it all slaves had their freedom from fighting in the war. Some African American slaves also ran away before this happend because they were too tired of slavery.


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