Role of Women

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Role of Women


By: Alexis

Peasant women had to get up as early as 3:00 am in the summer. They first prepare breakfast which is usually prepared in a pot. Then they work in fields and were expected to go and find small animals like chickens and geese. Another one of there jobs was Knitting and mending clothes that were torn. Women were responsible for the children and it was vital that they had to understand medicine before doing basic nursing requirements.

Medieval times were not very comfortable for most women. Most women had little or no role. some women lived their lives comfortably but that was very rare. Women would do the same task as men did but get paid less. 90 percent of women lived in rural areas and those who lived there did farm work.

Daily Life of a Peasant Women


-In medieval times women were not allowed to be married without their parents consent. -They could not divorce their husbands.-They could not own properties unless they are widows.-Could not own a business without special permission.-Could not inherit any land from their parents if they had surviving brothers

-Watching over people who are sick-Supervising all the people in her house and help to plan their marriages-Solving issues with bad workers-Supervising workers -Watching children

-Women that come from a rich family marry sooner than a women that is from poor families.-Wives from a rich family did not look after their children, Someone else did.-Women from a poor family not only had to look after her children but also had to work at both her home and the land. these women usually did not live past the age of 40.


Role of Women Rich vs. Poor

Role of Women

What did Women Look Like?

clothes: Medieval clothes provided information about the status and which class they belonged to. For example a women from a richer class usually wore silk or other expensive fabrics where a women from a poorer class wore cheap fabrics.Makeup: The middle ages liked women with high foreheads, long necks and dull eyebrows. Women would usually hide their hair with veils, nets, hoods and hats. The belief was that the higher the hairline the better. They would try to remove marks by licking a stone and rubbing it on the marks.


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