Role of Women in WW1

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Social Studies
World War I

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Role of Women in WW1

A Suffragette is a women who advocated for the rights of women.

Role of Women in WW1

Some women officers got plaques

Women Job Advertisment: Since men were off to war there was many job openings for women, becuase they "ran" out of men. Women started doing things that men did. (police officers,etc)

Picture: When women were aloud to fight they mostly faught in the air or on ships. People belived it was "safer for them"

Changes in Voting for women

*Only women who were mothers or wives got the right to vote in 1918(conscription)*Immigrants got the right to vote in 1960*First Nations women got the right to vote in 1967

Picture: Many women worked in factories during the war to help make wepons and bombs for the. Some women were unforatate and because they were working with explosives they would explode.

Picture: During/After the war women got to do more things they wern't aloud to do before,one of them is to be able to ride bikes/motercycles.

Artcile: describing what tasks women did before and during the war and how it helped the war effort.

Graph: It shows how much women earned by working in WWI. For men it was an outrage form women to have there own money.

Picture: Shows a booth for women alowing them to vote. Women would gather and be gratefull to be allowed to do this

Picture: Of suffragettes holding sighs complaning to the president Wilson how he is unfair to women and they demand changes.

Song: R-E-S-P-E-C-T by Ann Peebles.


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