Rohan and Casey 4-209

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Language Arts

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Rohan and Casey 4-209

Chris Van Allsburg was born in Grand Rapids,Michigian on June,18th 1949.His parents names were Christiansen Van Allsburg and Richard Van Allsburg. His grandfather Peter owned a dairy shop.But when Peter retired Chris's dad and uncle took over the shop.He studied at the University of Michigian and that's where all of his career started.

Chris Van Alsburg

He was 3 years old when his family move to a new house.Chris walked to every day and attended 6 grade.Then his family move again.And there new house streets look like the polar express.He lived in a old brick Tudor styles in East Grand Rapids.

The houses were all set back the same distance from the street.

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AwardsCaldecott Honor MedalPegina MedalBosten GlobeRegina MedelNational AwardsGolden Archer PrimaryRhode IslandMaryland AwardsGeorgia Children AwardsWashington Children Awards.

Rohan and Casey



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