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Roger glog

Navigating Early is a book about Jack, a normal kid who's mother died in World War 2.Jack is sent to boarding school with a kid called Early.Early is a strange kid who sorts jellybeans.When Jack finds himself alone with Early they go on to an adventure to find the Great Bear.

Navigating Early By:Clare Vanderpool

Clare Vanderpool's first novel Moon Over Manifest,won the Newberry.She also lives with her husband and 4 children.

Jack is a boy who's mother died in World War 2 so he is moved into a boy's boarding school.

Early is a strange kid who sorts jellybeans and keeps a toad.

My favorite scene is when they are running from the pirate and they run into the bear.

My second favorite part is when Gunnar gives them shelter after they jumped in to the river.Why would a stranger be so giving?

The forest they stay in is filled pirates,hardships, and a bear!

Clare Vanderpool has written Moon Over Manifest and Navigating Early.



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