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Ken Thomasma

Naya Nuki Shosohoni Girl Who Ran

Naya Nuki was the first book Ken wrote.

Ken Thomsoma Graduated from the University of Michigan

Ken Thomasma was an author who wrote the book Naya Nuki Shoshoni Girl Who Ran. Ken Thomasma was born in Michican in 1930. Ken's first experience was a YMCA counsolur in the summer of 1952. Ken's career was prinicpal and a teacher at Mulick Elementary School. His Education was at the University of Michican. Ken Married His wife in 1955 and they had Their son Dan the following month. He lives in Jackson Hole WY. He also attended Calivin Collage in Grand Rapids Michigan. Naya Nuki was awarded the Wyoming Library Indian Paintbrush Book Award.

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