Rocky Mountain National Park

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Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park!

Rocky Mountain National Park has Greenback Cutthroat Trout and the Canadian Lynx. These two animals are on the endangered species list.


Rocky Mountain National Park has a variety of wildlife such as chipmunks, bighorn sheep, and elk.

Rocky Mountain National Park was established on January 26, 1915. 2 billion years ago this national park was covered by a sea.


The Arapaho Indians traveled to the land where Rocky Mountain is today. Places in the park have Arapaho names.

There are three different life zones in the park. The Montane Zone, Subalpine Zone, and the Alpine Zone.


Rocky Mountain National Park attracts almost 3 million people each year.

This park attracts so many people because it has 300 miles of hiking, wildflowers, and wildlife.

There is a trail called Trail Ridge Road, that reaches up to 12,000 thousand feet with lots of exciting overlooks.

Interesting Facts

Rocky Mountain National Park was created by volcanos and metamorphic rock which formed lots of highpeaks.

Trail Ridge Road is the highest paved highway in the US that runs through the park. The Continental Divide divides the park into east and west sections.

The Rocky Mountains are the longest mountain group in North America.

John Wesley Powell and his group led an exploration of Rocky Mountain Natonal Park in 1868.


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