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By, Courtney Scheingart

RocksRocks are very intersting because, they are the building up on the earth's surface.There are many different typs of rocks like Metamorphic rocks, Sedimentary rocks and Igneous rocks.Igneous rocks are formed under earth's crust.Sedimentry rocks are formed by sediments because, the sediments are dropped of by the wind.Metamorphic rocks form when heat and pressure change.

Sedimentary rocksSedimentary rocks form from sediments flying in the air and being droped off on the ground. Sediments are tiny pieces of rocks from bits of plants, bones and shells. Sediments can be picked up by water, wind and ice. A lot of Sedimentary rocks are soft and crumbly and others are hard. Sedimentary rocks have a lot of layers that are created by sediments. Sedimentary rocks are very interesting.

Metamorphic rocksMetamorphic rocks are created or formed by heat and preasure that push together and form these rocks under the earth's surface. The heat and preasure form by the magma that help make Igneous rocks. When the rock is having the heat and preasure their physical properties change. Metamorphic rocks can be also formed by Igneous and Sedimentary rocks. Metamorphic rocks are very cool.

Igneous rocksIgneous rocks form underground under a volcano by magma.Igneous means "fire made". When lava comes to the earth's surface it coos and hardens and it turns into Igneous rocks.The size of crystals on a Igneous rock helps the texture.A lot of Igneous rocks are hard and a lot crumble easly.The stuff on the Igneous rocks change the way it is formed.Igneous rocks can be very interesting.

Igneous rocks

Metamorphic rocks

Sedimentary rocks

Examples of some rocks

This is a picture of a man who helped find out what rocks were.


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