Rocks In His Head

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Rocks In His Head

Seat Work

Instructions1. Listen to as you read along in your book to pgs. 60 & 61. Do the write part on pg. 60.2. Listen to as you read along to pgs. 62 & 63. Do the write part on pg. 63.3. Listen to the story as you read along and read it on your own at least once. 4. Complete the Learnzillion lesson asigned to you. Complete the note pages as you listen. 5. Make sentences with 10 of your spelling words and use two words in each sentence.6. Read the book asigned to you on myonreader.com7. Complete both seatwork assigments 8. Post your work onto your glog. If you are finished you may go on to reading the level readers that have been saved for you. AS ALWAYS, DO YOUR VERY BEST AND HAVE FUN!

listen to the poem and complete the question asked on page 85.




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