Rocks and Minerals

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Rocks and Minerals

1) Complete all of the guided questions in your inquiry packet. Answer your essential question in the form of a written reflection.2) Create a glog that has a section that answers each guided question and a section for your reflection that answers the essential question.


Guided Questions

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Rocks and minerals are used in buildings. And tis is how there is certain things in a house has rocks and minerals like bowls and boolts and steel and other stuff to. There is also some material used to build your house.

Explain how rocks and minerals are used in buildings

Rocks and minerals have affected art because alot of the material has rocks and minerals in it. Also the tools they use could have rocks and minerals in them.

A geologist would need to know about minerals and a petrologist need to know about rocks.

Who would need to know about rocks and minerals in their career

How rocks and minerals influnced art

Rocks and minerals explode art and this is how. Rocks and minerals are in some pieces of art and they can be in the material the artists use.

How are rocks and minerals used in everyday life

Rocks and minerals are used in everyday life. Is rocks and minerals are in lead that goes into pencils. Rocks and minerals are also in buildings and stuff in your house like metal thats in your sink and other stuff to. These are in cars and rocks and minerals are all around you.

Describe how rocks and minerals explode art

Rocks And Minerals

Rocks and minerals are important. Rocks and minerals are in the earth. Without rocks and mineral there would be no earth so none of us would be here. Rocks and minerals are one of the most important things because their in alot of things we use like cars,buildings,sculptures and alot of other things. Now you can see from reading this rocks and minerals are important.

Guided questions


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