Rocks and Minerals

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Earth Sciences

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Rocks and Minerals

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Minerals are made up of Inorganic matter which means that are not made by a living organism. They are solid, and have a regular crystal structure. All minerals are naturally occuring, which means, minerals are not made directly or indirectly from human activity. All minerals are made of a fixed chemical formula, and they all have an specific atomic arrangement.

Earth Science

MineralElementsInorganicSolidNaturrally occurringfixed chemical formulaSpecific atomic arrangementPhysical characteristics.RocksIgneous rockSedimentary rockMetamorphic rockRock cycleWeatheringcoreaggregatemolten liquidparticles

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What are minerals?

A rock is a solid aggregate of one or more minerals. they are categorized in three differetn groups. The category is based on how the rock is formed; igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks.

What is a rock?

total of 88 elements occurred naturally in earth's crust.however 8 elements are: O-oxigen, Si-silicon, Al-alluminium, Fe-iron, Ca-calcium, Na-sodium, K-potassium, and Mg-magnesium make up 98% of the crust. every mineral has a Crystalline structure, and therefore every moneral is a crystal.Geologist identify a minerals by its physical characteristics: crystal habit( the shape), cleavage (tendency to break along flat surfaces),fracture (mineral breaks other than along planes of cleavage), hardness (resistance of a mineral to scratching), specific gravity (weight of the substance relative to that of an equal volume of water), color( different shades, tones, clarity, and translucent), streak (is the color of the fine powder of a mineral), and luster (the manner in which a mineral reflects light).

Rocks and Rock Cycleearth has a core wich is hot, the temperature of the core melts the rocks and minerals closest to the core to form molten liquid, also called magma. when magma rises to the surface and solidifies it form igneous rocks. over a long period of time also called geological time, the weathering breaks down igneous rocks into smaller particles called sediments. the aggregate of these small particles becomed semented or compacted to form sedimentary rock. Metamorphic rock forms when heat, pressure, or hot water alter any preexisting rock, thus no rock is permanent. this constant transformation driven by the earth's heat is called the rock cycle.

physical and chemical properties of minerals...


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