Rocks and Minerals Vocabulary

by mwilczak
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Earth Sciences

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Rocks and Minerals Vocabulary

We are going to define the following words:Natural ResourcesRenewable ResourcesNon-Renewable ResourcesOpaqueTranslucentTransparentPropertyLusterCrystal ShapeFluoriteTrade-offEnter project description here

Properties-Luster -shininess of a mineralCrystal Shape-the shape of the crystal sample of a mineral or the crystal habitProperty-the nature of a material, such as its physical qualities of color, hardness, state, density, and conductivity.

Transparent-able to transmit lightTranslucent-transmits light diffuselyOpaque-does not transmit light

Natural Resources-Any naturally occuring substance that is useful.Renewable Resources-Able to replenishNon-renewable Resources-Materials such as petroleum, coal, natural gas, etc that cannot be replaced easily.

Trade-off-A balancing of factors, all of which are not attainable at the same time. Getting one thing at the cost of another.

FluoriteA mineral that can form octahedral crystals (8 sided)

Rock Vocabulary


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