Rockin' Twenties!

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Rockin' Twenties!

Twenties Fads:Many strange new habits grew during the twenties. Crossword puzzles were a big one. People did this stuff for fun. Yo-yo's, rollers skating, and dance marathons were some of them. People would also compete against each other to win champion at something.

Model T:Henry Ford, the inventor of the Model T, wanted to make a cheaper car most people could afford. He made up the idea for the Model T. He needed a way to produce all the materials pretty fast so he created and assembly line to do it. Then after that he had to organize all the parts and figure out how much of each he's need. He made them cheap so more people could afford them. They started at a price of $350 and dropped to a price of $240. Ford made transportation more "aFORDable."

Jazz:Jazz is a weird form of music that has been around since the 1800's. Jazz music is basically improvisation with bunches of random notes in unexpected places. Most jazz was preformed by Creoles, or Black Americans.

Flappers:A flapper is a young women between the age of fifteen and twenty-five. Most women in this time were flappers but all were different. They were defined by their outfits. Most dresses were low cut and about an inch above the knee. Many girls wore varietys of this type.

St. Valentine's Day MassacreOne day when a group of 7 men were waiting for stolen liquor in their garage the truck pulled up and two men came out with machine guns and shot them all. Capone was the leader and was hoping it would all get covered up but it was all in the news and he was busted.

Lost Generation:This was a group of some writers that lived in Europe. They helped establish many of the stylistic foundations of modern literature. The Lost Generation name comes from all their losses of faith, values, and personal direction.

Gangsters:Gangsters are people who walk on the streets in dark alleys at night like in movies and have high criminal records.They are much more dangerous though. Most gangsters steal or drink illegally. Some gangsters have even killed people. They steal illegal drugs and are a horrible influence.

Rockin' Twenties!

New Inventions of the DecadeIn the twenties, lots of new things were created for everyday uses. The vacuum, the blender, the washer, and even the telegraph. The telegraph helped bring people closer together. People could communicate easier.

20's AdevertisingRoaring Twenties was a time where businesses and jobs rocketed. People would also call it the Jazz Age becasue thats when advertising helped to grow jazz more popular. A lot of people went from poor to rich in this time period.


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