Rocketta Feldspar's Thanksgiving Adventure

by pattib7
Last updated 6 years ago

Language Arts

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Rocketta Feldspar's Thanksgiving Adventure

Rocketta Feldspar's

Thanksgiving Adventure

While waiting for lunch, Rocketta played in the snow then checked out the sale flyers.

Rocketta really wanted pie for breakfast. She decided to have pizza and watch the parade instead.

Dinner was going fine until some uninvited guests showed up. They just wanted to watch the game.

Somebody got a little too close for comfort so Rocketta hid behind the table leg.

So after lunch, they turned on the TV. Nobody wanted to help Rocketta with the dishes.

Good Times

10 AM

But they did sing while she played the piano and then everyone enjoyed some games.

9 AM

11 AM

12 PM

1 PM

2 PM

Happy Thanksgiving!



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