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Rocketry Jack

Rocketryby Jack Todd

Time of Day and how long it will takeWe will launch the rocket containing the rover on a clear day at around noon. We will do this because we want it to be at day so it is very visible to see. We also want clear weather so that something in the rocket doesn’t get damaged from a storm and the whole trip is ruined. If we do this it should take around 8 months or so.

Escaping velocity1. Main Engine ignites and the rocket lifts off.2. Rocket boosters burn off their fuel and separate from the rocket. After this happens the second stage of the engine is revealed.3. Second stage ignites and pushes the rocket farther along its path.4. Payload fairing jettisons and reveals the payload.5. The payload separates from the rocket and begins its mission in space.

Parts of RocketsRocket: Fuel and oxygen tanks that feed an engine for the ascent; powers spacecraft into Earth orbit.Solid Rocket Motors: Used to increase engine thrust; 4 total. Centaur: Fuel and oxidizer and the vehicle's "brains"; fires twice, once to insert the vehicle-spacecraft stack into low Earth orbit and then again to accelerate the spacecraft out of Earth orbit and on its way towards Mars.Payload Fairing Thin composite or nose cone to protect the spacecraft during the ascent through Earth's atmosphere.

Cruise PhaseThe cruise phase is basically just going through space at a constant speed until mars is reached. The main part people have to do in the stage is keep the cruise layer of the rocket at a constant good temperature. They might do this by circulating fluids through the spacecraft to heat is up. They will keep the rocket on track to mars by looking at the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy .

Entering the Mars atmosphere, descent, and landing,The key in entering the Mars atmosphere is to not have the ship burn up and keep a cool temperature. Other than that the landing simple if it works out the right way. When the cruise stage of the rocket is in the atmosphere(like in the photo), a parachute will come out of the rocket to try to slow it down so we cannot waste as much fuel or have a risk of damaging the rover. The cruise layer breaks off and goes to into a rocket carrying the rover. It lowers the rover on strings and onto Mars like in the picture and the rover has landed.


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