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Rock & Roll

Rock & Roll began in the 1950s, blending rhythm and blues, country, and gospel music. In 1952 DJ Alan Freed began playing a new kind of music on his radio program and also held a concert, the first of it's kind called Moondog Coronation Ball. He called it rock and roll. As rock and roll progressed into various subgenres, the dance styles associated with music changed as well. Rock & Roll even moved musicians to set fashion trends and created new dance styles.


In the early 60s, the British Invasion began when music by the Beatles hit the top of the pop music charts. Other British groups popularized different styles derived from early rock and roll, like Merseybeat, Blues Rock, Psychedelic rock and Progressive rock. Rock and roll has changed and grown through the years, and continues to influence musicians and music styles. Some of these styles are:•folk rock•punk rock•indie rock•pop punk rock•heavy metal•glam rock•nu metal•alternative rock

Chuck BarryOne of the greatest founders and pioneers of rock and roll, His famous duckwalk, "motorvatin'" across the stage and thrusting his head while playing fast-fire riffs on the guitar—became one of his trademarks.Elvis PresleyPresley made his first recording in 1953 at Sun Studios. Presley was one of the first to play a new style of music called rockabilly, stuttering vocals with slapping bass and a rhythmic guitar style .Opens in modal popup window. His music became known for its pulsing beat and wild vocals.

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Rock & Roll

About R&R...

Rock & Roll was considered race music. It drew multiracial audiences and contributed to the desegregation of music culture.


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