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Cycles & Processes

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Rock Poster

Rock Poster

Root Words for the rock types

Explination of Igneous Rock

Classified information

Metamorphic rock is rock that is formed by temperature and pressure. In the rock cycle, Metamorphic rock comes after Igneous rock. If metamorphic rock is under cirtan comditions, it can melt into magma. And when it cools it turns into igneous rock again.

#Igneous rock-[ig-nee-uh s]prodused by the action of fire#Sedimantary Rock-[n. sed-uh-muh nt; v. sed-uh-ment]settles at the bottom or a liquid#Metamorphic Rock-[met-uh-mawr-fik]Morph- to be changed or transformed

A sedimentary rock is a rock that forms by weathering, erosion, or depostition. So, when igneous rock is exposed to earth's surface, it breaks down into sedimentary rock. Sedimentary rock can be bueried beneath the Earth.

Igneous rock forms from the cooling and hardening of magma.Igneous rock can be intrusive or extrusive, it depends on where it was formed. Extrusive igneous is formed on the crust of Earth and intrusive igneous is formed insid Earth, in the crust or mantel.

Explination of Sedimentary rock

Rock'n Roll!

Igneous Rock

Metaporphic Rock

Sedimentary Rock

Explination of Metamorphic rock

Lets Rock!

Igneous rocks

Metamorphic rocks

Sedimentary rocks

Rock words

Vocab words:Igneous rock-Rock that is formed by magmaSedimentary Rock-Rock that is formed by the cooling of magma and broken downMetamorphic Rock-Rock that is formed by temperature and pressure

This is sandstone and this is shale

This is obsidian and this is grantie

This is marable and this is gneiss


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