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Rock Music

Rock music is a very popular genre of music that is often referred to as "rock and roll". Back in the 1950's, rock music began to develop into different styles.

Rock Music

Rock music consists of various instruments such as the electric guitar, electric bass guitar and drums. Just like pop music, lyrics often come from stress and romance but also have lots of other themes.

Some famous Rock music artists and bands include Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and much more. My favorite rock bands is Imagine Dragons and Nirvana.

By: Emily Monteiro Tuntevski

One of Elvis' most popular songs is "Jailhouse Rock". The Beatles most popular/influential songs include "Get Back" and "Let it Be." The Rolling Stones' most popular songs are "Satisfaction" and "Brown Sugar." Nirvana's best song is "Smells Like Teen Spirt." Pink Floyd's most popular song is "Wish You Were Here." Some of Imagine Dragons biggest hits include "Radioactive" and "I'm So Sorry."

Rock music started out in the United States, until it became to get very popular (1960s) where it began to shift over to the United Kingdom.

Rock and roll has influenced daily life, fashion, attitudes and language. As the original generations of rock fans became more mature, the music became an accepted and deeply loved genre in popular culture.

Rock music and fashion have been linked to one another for a long time. Fashion statements like leather jackets, collarless blazers, and Beatle boots were popular back in the late 1960s. Rock musicians were also early statements of the now popular hippie fashion and influenced styles such as long hair and the Nehru jacket. In the early 1970s, glam rock became very influential consisting of glittery fashions, high heels and camp boots. As rock music became more popular and influential, what an artist or band wore became as important as the music itself.,


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