Rock Music - Features Of Rock Music 1950-Present

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Rock Music - Features Of Rock Music 1950-Present

Rock Music

Features of Rock Music 1950-Present

Rock music grew in popularity in the 60s and different styles of rock were started, including psychedelic, bubblegum and hard rock. Rolling Stones were, and still are, a well-known and successful rock band. Their song 'Satisfaction' has features of rock music including a steady rhythmic beat from the dru,ms and bass guitar. It starts with softer dynamics and gradually builds to louder, stronger sounds as more power is used for vocals and guitar. There is a twangy sound from the electric guitar that is commonly heard in rock music. The vocals start in a lower pitch and then get higher as the song builds. It has a fast tempo and also has a quite repetitive structure of the lyrics 'I can't get no satisfaction'.

Rock n Roll music started in the 1950s after the first electric guitar was sold. Bill Haley & his Comets were a popular rock band. Rock Around the Clock has a steady rhythm that his kept by the drum and the low pitched bass guitar. The electric guitar is more high pitched twangy sound and plays a short, sharp rhythm while the vocals sing a more smooth melody. The song has a fairly fast tempo and is structured with repetitive lines at the end of each verse: 'we're gonna rock, gonna rock around the clock'. The song has varying dynamics as there are a lot of pauses in the music where it becomes softer, then the guitar and drums come back to make the dynamics louder again.

1950 s

In the 1970s, rock music categories expand again to include glam and soft rock, as well as heavy metal. ACDC were huge in this era and still remain popular now. Their song 'TNT' uses a band of drums, bass guitar, electric guitars and vocals. The song starts strong in dynamics and rhythm with a steady, loud beat from drums and bass guitar. The dynamics are louder and accented as the vocals start with 'Oi'. Before the chorus begins, the music quietens until the vocals start with a raspy, low pitched sound and a heavy strumming pattern from the guitar. The tone colour of the instruments change from deep and heavy to more twangy and high pitched when the electric guitar solo begins.

MTV Music began in the 1980s, making music videos more important in music production. Guns n Roses are considerd rock 'Gods' and had multiple popular hits. 'Sweet Child o' Mine' was one of their most well known songs. The song begins with the famous electric guitar solo that is high pitched, twangy and repetitive. It is a fast tempo song and has accents from the drums in the beginning riff. The dynamics are mostly moderately loud but become more soft in the verses. The vocals are high pitched and has a raspy, whiny sound. There is a steady rhythm played by electric guitar throughout the whole song. This song also has a repetitive lyric of 'Where do we go now? Sweet child o' mine'.

Rock music continues in the 2000s but is not as popular as it used to be. Linkin Park's song 'In the End' starts with a short, sharp piano rhythm and has a high pitched sound. This is repeated throughout the song but the dynamics grow louder as the guitar, drums and bass guitar begin with the vocals. The vocals are classic rock vocals with a deep, raspy voice. Linkin Park add a rap element to this song which is not as common in rock music. The choruses are much louder in dynamics as the electric guitar plays heavy strums that echo. The bridge has soft dynamics and a smoother sound to the vocals to create variety and builds in the final chorus.






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