Rock is rolling

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by dudes4
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Earth Sciences

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Rock is rolling

Hey, Tiggy here... I was just spit out of the volcano the heat was horrible! I fell into the cold lagoon. Now im aigneaus rock.

T-ROCK is rolling

Aww Man, Im all broken up!!!! I guess I will have to change my name to Seddy for Sediment..get it? --->

OH NO!!!!!!!!!! The lagoon water is spinning!!!!!!!!! what's going on up there?? OH NOOOOOOOOOO the erosion is making me fall apart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im at the bottom of the lagoon sitting & chilling . WHAT THE..... i feel something vibrating!!!!!!!!!!! it's my dirt brothers..... RUN!!!!!!!!!!! OH NO they got me!I'm compacted now! I'm a Sedimentary Rock!!!!!! (You can still call me Seddy).

OHOY my rock butt is on fire!!!!!!OH NO I'M MELTING!I'm turning into Lava! Oh geez, that means another name change!! Guess I will be called Lavarita??

OH man i can't take this pressure any more! And it's so flipping HOT!!!!!.I'm burning from the lava.Ahhhhhh, i'm changing!!!!! I'm crystalized now.I bet i'm cool on the inside. I'm a Metamorphic Rock. I guess my name has to be Metty now.


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