Rock Hyrax

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Rock Hyrax

Rock Hyrax(Procavia capensis)

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HABITAT AND REGIONThe rock hyrax lives in a place that includes rocks and large boulders. They also live in kopjes, which are isolated rock hills. The hyrax lives in eastern Africa and in dry savannas and rainforests.

FACTS AND FEATURESThe small hyrax is s relative of the elephant, but looks more like a guinea pig. The hyrax's thick fur can vary in colors. It is usually brownish-grey. The feet of a hyrax are rubber-like so that it can get around its rocky habitat. The hyrax can make various noises used to protect its territory. Its main diet includes grasses, shrubs, and berries. It also climbs trees for fresh leaves. The female gives birth to its young after a gestation period of about 202 to 245 days. The rock hyrax is not endangered or threatend because of its large range.

kingdom: AnimaliaPhyylum: ChordataClass: MammaliaOrder: HyracoideaFamily: ProcaviidaeGenus: Procavia



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