Rock Cycle

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Rock Cycle

The Rock Cycle(revised)

Above is an image of the rock cycle that I created using prior knowledge. Notice how it isn't detailed, because I learned about it more in depth later on with powerpoints and notes.

This is a more detailed rock cycle that I found which was the same knowledge I have gained in reading powerpoints and through lectures in class.

One of the first things we learned about was minerals. This set the foundation for the full lesson of the rock cycle.

Minerals can be identified in multiple ways. Ex, luster, streak, cleavage/fracture, hardness, and denstity. We try and avoid color, considering minerals that are different can have the same color.




These rocks are formed by deposition of minerals. Sedimentation causes minerals and chemical substances to settle.

Typically formed through the heating and cooling of magma.

These rocks are basically transformations of some pre-existing rocks. They are exposed to heat and pressure, which in turn can cause physical and chemical changes.

This is an example of the temperature and pressure of rocks.

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