Rock Cycle

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by SawaSuina
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Cycles & Processes

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Rock Cycle

the cycle


- metamorphosis: change- formed under the surface of the earth.- formed by intense heat and pressure.- may contain crystals.

- sediments: sand, shells, pebbles, and other fragments of material. - fairly soft and crumbles easily.- usually the only type that contains fossils.



Rock Cycle

By Sawa Suina

examples:- conglomerate- limestone- shale

examples:- gneiss (nis)- marble

- igneous means " made from fire".- formed when magma cools and hardens.- lava cools down = shiny and glass-like.- sometimes gas bubbles leave tiny holes and spaces.

examples:- pumice- obsidian

Melting and cooling- magma cools down to become solid.- technically, it's called Lava.

Heat & Pressure- movement in crust pulls rocks underneath the earth's surface.- 100 - 200 km deep is hot enough to melt rocks.

weathering, erosion, compacting, and cementing- wind, water, sun, temp., change = wears and breaks obj. down.- sediments move into oceans, lakes, and valleys, bulding up layers.- weighs down materials underneath and presses the sediment particles together.

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