[2015] Mariah Monroe (Thursday 302 02): Rock Cycle

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[2015] Mariah Monroe (Thursday 302 02): Rock Cycle

Click on the volcano and you will find an interactive Rock Cycle Diagram. Explore the diagram by scrolling along the name types and clicking on the images.

Rock Cycle

Now that you have rocked this, it is your job to fix the messed up Rock Cycle!!Click the rain to begin.

Click on the rock to the right of this notecard. You will play an interactive game by dragging the pictures to its place in the Rock cycle. This game provides you with feedback as you play. Rock this!

Practice #1

Practice #2

Teach #1Learn a thing or two from our Friends, Tim and Moby!

Objective: Students will be able to describe and sketch the Rock Cycle. Purpose: The purpose is to see how each rock relates to one another and to underline that its a reoccuring sequence.

You Rock!

Teach #2

Assessment: Design a poster that illustrates the Rock Cycle. Include appropraite vocabulary.


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