[2015] JordanBaron: Rock

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[2015] JordanBaron: Rock

How it all beganOriginated as “Rock and Roll” in the United StatesRoots in 1940’s and 1950’sHeavily Influenced by blues, rhythm and blues, and country musicHelped the relationship between white and black people


In the News- 1950sAssassination attempt on President Truman of the United States.Detroit Redwings win Stanley CupNY Yankees win World SeriesMinneapolis Lakers win NBA ChampionshipKorean war begins

What's in the music?Rock music usually consists of electric guitar, electric bass guitar, drums and a singer. Def Leppard's lyrics don't really signify anything.

Who's Who?Top artists who influenced rock are: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Kraftwerk, The Velvet Underground, Elivs Presley, Dr.Dre, Eddie Van Halen, David BowieMy Favorites:Bryan Adams, Def Leppard, ACDC, KissDef LeppardDif Leppard started in 1977 in Sheffield. Thier first album was released in 1978. Def Leppards future was in doubt at one point after their drummer lost an arm from a car accident and infection. The drummer then played some parts whle others were from recordings until 19985 when he learnt to play drums whith specially modified foot pads. Def Leppard consists of Joe Elliott on guitar and vocals, Rick Allen on drums, Phil Collen on guitar, Vivian Campbell on guitar, Rick Savage on bass, Steve Clark on guitar, Pete Willis on guitar and Tony Kennerig on drums.


Trends In this time cruising around in big convertibles with the top down and the rock-and-rolll turned up high was popular. Guys wore Levi's and T-shirts, sometimes with a cigarette pack rolled up in on of the sleeves. Cover was usually a black leather jacket and the hair style was the DA (for ducks rear end). The DA was where a guys long hair was combed back on both sides of his head so that from the back it looked like a duc ks rear end. Girls wore mid-thigh skirts, love charm jewely and hair in a pony tail or puffed out a bit and teased into roundish shapes.


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