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NASA Deep Space NetworkThe DSN is an international network of antennas that provide the communication between Mars and Earth.The DSN consists of three deep-space communications facilities placed approximately 120 degrees apart around the world. The communication facilites are in California's Mojave Desert, Spain, and Australia.

Rover antennaThere are two antenna; low-gain antenna and high-gain antenna. The low-gain antenna was used close to Earth. It is omni-directional, so the transmission power that reached Earth fell faster with increasing distance. A high-gain antenna is an antenna with a focused, narrow radiowave beam width. This narrow beam width allows more precise targeting of the radio signal.

Orbiter relay systemThe Laser Communications Relay Demonstration  is a NASA mission to use laser light to transfer data from orbit to ground and all around the Solar System.

How fast and how much data the rovers can send backThe data rate direct-to-Earth varies from about 12,000 bits per second to 3,500 bits per second. The data rate to the orbiters is a constant 128,000 bits per second.

Autonomous planetary mobilityAutonomous Planetary Mobility technologies enable rovers to make decisions and avoid hazards on their own. It has a six-wheel drive, a rocker-bogie suspension system, scene-scanning instruments that assist in selecting exploration targets and driving routes, and autonomous navigation software innovations that enable rovers to drive without human.


I bet your wondering how they communicate with and maneuver Curiosity on Mars.


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