robotics and education

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robotics and education

Robots increase the overall interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math) by enhancing inter-disciplinary teamwork, encourages critical thinking skills, and organizational theory. They allow the study of real-world issues with real-time interaction of students.

Hospitals use classroom robotic program for sick children:

Tutor: as educational and emotional tutor for children*Teaching Assistant: checking attendance, giving quizzes, instructing, getting attention, leading activities*A 2005 study reports significant achievement among the robotic-based learning group when compared against non-computer-based and web-based learners (Han et al, 2005). Due to passivity of E-Learning environment and active interaction with R-Learning. Comparative study on the educational use of home robots for children, published in Journal of Information Processing Systems, (2008, December).

Kaspar the Friendly Robot is being used to help autistic children better identify emotions and physical contact. Robots offer consistency of feedback and routine which provides comfort and a level of security when establishing reationships with challenged children.

Educational Uses for Robotics...

Results from 2005 experiment : Tanaka, F. & Matsuzoe, S. Human-Robot Interaction.



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