[2015] Emilio p (6th Earth Science 2015): Robotics

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[2015] Emilio p (6th Earth Science 2015): Robotics


Robots in society

Whats the cost?

Are there different robotics?

Future Devlopment

Like most new tecnologys the proce will always start high but as more and more of the product is produced the cheaper it will get such as the I phone. Industrial robots will cost around $100,000 to $150,000, and the total sales value of service robots is $3.57 billion US dollars.Modular robots are begining to sell for a small $150 to $600 range which is nothing compared to the others.

People used to find out which were he best robots and test them through statistics but now people put the best robots in competitions every year to see which robots are the best in speed, thinking, control, and strength. Robots are put in situations and tested such as opening a door and jumping over obsticals.

Often people disreagard just how many catagories of robots there actually are such as, Service robots which are used for helping others (such as robo cop/iron man) , Mobile which have the ability to move around in their enviroment, Industrial robots (Manipulating) which are usally a one armed machine placed nexto to a converier belt for mass production, Educational robots (used as assistants to teachers), Modualr robots which is a new kind of robot breed which can morph into different objects such as a narrow worm like creature to a spherical ball, and Collaboritive Robots which are used along side with humans. safley.

About half of all the worlds robots are in asia and due to the popularity there, it is much more acceptible to have robots, and science is very focused on tecnology and robotics there especially. If more and more robots are produced here in america then having a robot will become a normall thing for the average american and that is what many people are tryin gto achieve around the world.


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