Robin Thicke - Behavioral

by ThiagoandDanom
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Social Studies

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Robin Thicke - Behavioral

Robin Charles Thicke

Career Highlights:Signed to Interscope Records at age 16. By 21, Robin wrote and produced songs on more than 20 albums by Pink, Marc Anthony, Michael Jackson, ect. The Evolution of Robin Thicke went platinum in 2006. Grammy-winning songwriter. 15 Platinum albums.

Robin Thicke is greatly influenced by his environment. For example, he sings a song about rape and gets a TON of rewards for it, so he decides to make a tour focused around this rape anthem and he thinks this is completely acceptable. He womanizes the girls he uses in the video for this song and has them walk around nude. Thicke was in fact married at the time and girls still fall at his feet, so he continues, for lack of better words, he continues to be the biggest douche bag on the planet. It is obvious that Robin Thicke is a high pleasure seeker and models what society says is appropriate. Robin Thicke lives on negative reinforcement.

Getting paid for animalizing and objectifiying women gives negitive reinforcement.


Nicknames: Brian McWhite & ThickeDate of Birth: March 10, 1977Date of Death: Soon hopefullyNationality: Canadian AmericanPhysical Appearance: Confident, Fit, Douchebaggy, ToolPersonality Traits: Driven, Cocky, Narsisistic, Man Whore



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