Roberto Clemente: Pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates

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Roberto Clemente: Pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates

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The Sounds of BaseballClick on a recording below. Listen to it. Then in your Journeys Journal draw and label what the sound must have "looked" and felt like in action.

Sportscasters explain how Roberto Clemente played baseball differently and why fans liked him so much. Take notes in your JJ, then write an information article about him in your TK. (Use information from the story too!)

Pretend you are Roberto and in your TK, describe how it felt to reach your 3,000th hit.

Science and baseball? Check in how this legendary "closer" throws his pitches that keep the batter guessing. Then create your own pitch and explain why it is called that in your JJ.

Never heard of baseball? Listen in to a European explaining (in drawings) what he thinks this American Pastime is all about. Then, in your JJ, write how you feel about the game.

Find out why baseball fields were built where they were, and which orginial ones remain.

Take a virtual roadtrip to some of the famous baseball stadiums in the USA. Try to write down the city or team's name for each. Then research more

Phil Rizzuto calls Roger Maris' homerun!

7th Inning Stretch Cheer!

"Meet the Mets" song on organ

Bob Sheppard announcing #23

Logos and photo stories from ballparks across America.

Miss Mecka ventures to a game to do some math talking?!