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Roberto Alomar

Roberto was born on February 5, 1968 in Ponce, Puerto Rico. When he was only 4 his mother was in a horrible car accident. It paralyzed her legs and 2 years later his mother died due to a heart attack at midnight.Years later Roberto was signed to the Cleveland Indians for 26.5 million dollars. The Cleveland Indians beat the New York Yankees 11-5.2 years later, the general manager of the San Diego Padres contacted Roberto about being traded to the Padres. He accepted.


1968 - Roberto's birth1988 - MLB Debut 1992- Won W.S1993 - Won W.S1995 - 1st in ranks2001 - Played for 7 teams2004 - Retired from MLB

Became a 12x AllstarBecame a 10x Golden Glove WinnerBecame the American League Champions Series (ALCS) MVPMentored the new captain of the New York Mets. David Wright.

Lasting Impact

Roberto made the Toronto Blue Jays win the World Series twice.

My Opinion

Roberto was a great baseball player because he made the Toronto Blue Jays win the World Series back to back. He also mentored the new captain of the New York Mets, David Wright



Roberto Alomar


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