Robert E.Lee

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Robert E.Lee

FUN FACTSI was born on January 19 1807I died October 12 1870I was born in Statford Hall Virginia.I died in Lexington VirginiaSome of my traits are positive and determine i am determine to defend my country.

I fought at the Mexican American war, I was a hero that day.



My army was forced to surrender to grand at Appomattox Court house ,on April 9 1865 ending the war.Also we were forced to withdrawal of Union forces from Richmond and won a series of victories at second bull run Fredricksburgs and Chancellorssville where jackson (his bestfriend) was killed.


My father served as the governer of virginia his name was Henry Lee III.I graduated from west point without any demerits.

I took command of the army Northern Virginia after the outbreak of the Civil War.

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