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Scientific Biographies

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Robert Oppenheimer


1904 - Julius Robert Oppenheimer was born1922 - Went to Harvard1940 - Married Katherine Peuning Harrison1941 - First child Peter is born1944 - Second child Katherine is born1945 - Produces first atomic bomb1946 - Awarded the Medal for Merit from President Harry S Truman1967- Died of throat cancer

Lasting Impact

He was involved with the Manhatten Project, that was so big it involved hundreds of talented scientists. But, he is known as the sole inventor of the nuclear bomb to most people.




Scientist Powtoon

Famous Quote

"Both the man of science and the man of action live always at the edge of mystery, surrounded by it."

Oppenheimer is best konwn for his scientific achievements, but he also made a lasting impact on education. He created the graduate program at Berkley for scientists. Also he did the same for the Institute for Advanced Study.

J. Robert Oppenheimer

My scientist is Julius Robert Oppenheimer but some people like to call him the "Father of the atomic bomb". He was born on April 22, 1904 in New York city and died of throat cancer on February 18, 1967 in Princeton New Jersey. His parents are Julius Oppenheimer and Ella Friedman. He grew up with his brother Frank and his parents in a Manhattan apartmant. They were considered upper-middle class. Oppenheimer went to the Ethical Culture school of New York from grammer school through high school. He was such a brilliant student that the physics laboratory that he went to has been named after him.After graduating at the top of his class he went to Harvard University in 1922. His main goal was to become a chemist but physics seemed to intrigue him, so he switched to physics. Later he went to Cambridge University and studied along side J.J Thompson. After, he studied at many other schools such as the University Of Gottingen where he got his PH.D. While at Gottigen he published many contributions to his new Quantum Theory. He worked hand and hand with Max Born. His most famous theory is called Born-Appenhiemer Approxamation. At the California Institute of Technology he took on an assistant professorship. Oppenheimer married Katherine Peuning Harrison in November 1940. Then, their first child, Peter, was born in May, 1941. A second child was born, named Katherine in 1944. A world event that affected Oppenheimer was world war two. This is because he was chosen to take part in the Manhattan Project, a program that made the first nuclear weapon.


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