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Robert Munsch

Book report

•Robert Munsch was born on 6/11/1945 in Pittsburg, Pa•Never learned how to spell•Wrote poetry in middle school•In HS decided to become a Priest•Studied for 7 years to become Jesuit Priest•Undergrad degree in History•Masters in Anthropology•Flunked orals for his PHD•Left the priesthood and worked in a day care•Doing his student teacher placement he wrote a book•Book called “Mortimer” and took 12 yrs to become a book•First story published was “Mud Puddle”

Robert Munsch


Biography Continued....

•Became a Canadian Citizen•Wrote books and told children’s stories•In 1994 “love you forever” top selling book

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Mortimer The Paper Bag PrincessAlligator Baby Love you ForeverPut me in a Book More PiesSmelly Socks Get out of Bed!Mud Puddle I Have to Go!Swamp Water Just One Goal!Im so Embarrassed! From Far AwayMunschworks Boo!**Can find all biography information**Can find information about his books**Can find information about him as a Author

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