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Robert Millikan

Robert Andrews Millikan was born on the 22nd of March, 1868 and died on december 19th 1953. In 1891 he took two years of teaching post in elementary physics. It was during that period that he had discovered his interest in the subject in which he later exel. As a scientist, Millikan made many important discoveries. Like electricity, optics, and molecular physicsProfessor Millikan has been President of the American Physical Society, Vice-President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and was the American member of the Committee on Intellectual Cooperation of the League of Nations and many other nations. He held honorary doctor's degrees of some twenty-five universities. Millikan was an enthusiastic tennis player Professor Millikan married Greta Erwin Blanchard in 1902; they had three sons: Clark Blanchard, Glenn Allen, and Max Franklin.


1868 - Robert was born 1893- graduated with a master's degree in physics.1896-Robert was given an assistant's position within the college.1902- Robert got married to greta blanchard and had 3 children 1908- Robert wrote his first book "Electricity, Sound and Light 1909 - Robert began the Experiment "Oil drop"1945- Robert retired 1953- Robert died

Roberts biggest accomplishments was to make it possible to meassure the charge of an electron.!! His earliest major success was the accurate determination of the charge carried by an electron, using the elegant "falling-drop method" The discovery of his law of motion of a particle falling towards the earth after entering the earth's atmosphere, together with his other investigations on electrical phenomena, ultimately led him to his significant studies of cosmic radiation. During WWI Robert played a major part in developing anti-submarine and meteorological devices

Lasting Impact

The Nobel Prize Robert's work proved some of Einstein's theories of science, and he was widely praised for his effort. In 1923 he was awarded the Nobel Prize.


Robert Millikan(1868-1953)



Millikan's oil drop experiment

"Cultivate the habit of attention and try to gain opportunities to hear wise men and women talk. Indifference and inattention are the two most dangerous monsters that you'll ever meet. Interest and attention will insure to you an education" -- Robert Millikan


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