[2014] rachel abramovici: Robert La Salle

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[2014] rachel abramovici: Robert La Salle


BIRTH-DEATHI was born on November 21-22,1643 in Rouen,Normandy, France. I died on March 19, 1687 at age 43,in Huntsville, Texas.

Fun Facts1. My nationality is french.2.I never had children but I was married to Laura Corade.3.I owned Louisiana before I set sail to discover it.4.I spent 9 years studying to be a priest and then I quit.5.I asked King Louis the 9th if I could go on his voyage.6.I killed over 1000 men along the Mississippi River.7.When I was 31, I owned the Tower of Notre Dame.8.I was killed by my own men and was left for the animals.9.My crew and I set sail on May 5, 1684 for our second voyage,and that is also the day I set sail on the voyage I died on.

MY EARLY LIFEI was born into a middle-high class family. I also enjoyed science and nature when I was young. I was educated by Jesuits. I studied to become a priest. At the age of 22 I found myself more attracted to adventure. Later on in my life ,on the year 1666 I set out to Canada hoping to find my fortune. When I got to Canada I bought land near Lachine Rapids, and set up a fur-trading post. I also was a farmer. Then I sold my land, and I set out in 1669 to explore the Ohio Region.

What I was looking forI was looking for a waterway across North America to China.I also wanted to find more land to claim for France.

What I FoundI found all the Great Lakes, such as, Lake Michigan,Lake Huron,Lake Erie,Lake Ontario,and Lake Mississippi. I found all these lakes in the U.S.A and Canada. I also found the Gulf of Mexico.


Learn More About Mehttp://www.biographi.ca/en/bio/cavelier_de_la_salle_rene_robert_1E.htmlhttp://www.facts4me.com/disp_subject.php?s_id=142



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