Robert La Follette

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Robert La Follette

Robert La Follette

''Tell me about it.''

Robert La Follette was born in Dane County, Wisconsin,. His birth date was June 14, 1855. He died on June 18, 1925.

He graduated in 1879 and he became a lawyer. A year after he had become a lawyer, he became the District Attorney of Dane County.

After La Follette was a District Attorney he was elected to congress as a republican.. He was elected into congress in the year 1884. He served three terms in congress. After Robert served his terms he became the governor of Wisconsin..

''Governor I can't help it. I've got to vote against the railroad taxation bill.''

'I havn't slept any for two or three nights. I have walked the floor, I have thought of resigning and going home.''

''Well, you know that all I have in the world I have put into that factory of mine, I have told you about how proud I was of the thing, now this railroad lobby tells me that if i vote for the railroad taxation bill they will ruin me.''

Robert La Follette was a progressive and he fought to destroy the tight grip of the tycoons that worked the railroads. He also fought to break the tight grip of alot of political bosses on the state government.

''E'', was a legislator that protected his identity so he was refered to as ''E''. He was a critial aspect in the bill requiring the railroads to fund a fair share of tax dollars. He tryed to work with La Follette in getting the bill passed however, he was hesitant in voting ''yes'' because he thought that the railroad lobbyists would ruin him. He did not want that because he was thinking of his family.

''E'' ended up voting against the bill in fear of what might happen to him and his family. Robert never gave up on the bill and in 1903 he got the railroad tax hike passed!

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